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The Net Takeaway: Copy and Paste with the GIMP


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Copy and Paste with the GIMP · 04/14/2004 07:26 PM, Tech

I mentioned that the GIMP image editing program hit 2.0.0, and I’ve been playing with it.

Thanks to the Yahoo GIMPWin Group, I have finally been able to do something that should have been simple.

All I wanted to do was to slice a logo off a client page for a presentation. Though I had a myriad of select tools, I could only copy and paste to the GIMP’s internal clipboard. It turns out that you need to use a choice farther down in the menu, the “Copy to Clipboard” option, which then does use the Windows clipboard.

... but every time I did this, it would ignore my selection and copy the entire image!

A series of posts to the GIMPWin group revealed that the image is in one layer, and “copy to clipboard” copies the current layer. So, take a select tool, and box your selection (you’ll see the crawling ant army around it). Then, under the Edit menu, you select Float (or Shift-Ctrl-L). This makes a new temporary layer as the “focus”... And then, the Edit|Copy to Clipboard works perfectly! And click anywhere to undo your float and put everything back the way it was.

You can also make new layers manually, copy things over to it, etc., but for quick and dirty image editing by a novice, this was great.

Now, if only there was a “Float and then Copy to Clipboard” command… but I guess that’s what scripting is for.

(BTW: GIMP’s scripting, Script-Fu, uses a somewhat less popular language for scripting known as Scheme, which is similar to Lisp. Lisp, the “AI” language, is also used in Emacs. I haven’t done stuff in Lisp for years, so let’s see how long it takes me to make this minor fix…)

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  1. Thank you, your article helped me.

    Eric Nitler    Sep 19, 10:04 AM    #

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