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The Net Takeaway: e-Dialog Acquired!


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e-Dialog Acquired! · 01/24/2008 12:36 PM, Marketing

In a fantastic recognition of all that the e-Dialog team has accomplished over the past decade, I am pleased to congratulate the entire team on their acquisition by GSI Commerce.

GSI Commerce is the back end e-commerce provider for over 85 large retail and ecommerce stores (from the NFL to Ace Hardware to Toys R Us, etc., etc.) and this is a great marriage of two strong players in the online world. They are publicly traded as GSIC on the Nasdaq with a market cap of $754 million.

And of course, you all know of my love for e-Dialog, as the high-end email marketing service provider with a strong foundation in strategic account services and analytics. I spent some of the most fun years in my career there, helping them grow through boom and bust, through CRM and spam, and working around the world helping clients from the NFL (and I hate football!) through to Tesco, with all sorts of amazing companies in between. Some of the best folks in the interactive industry pass through the doors every day at e-D, and the few who left often came back after trying other jobs. Throughout e-Dialog’s history, they weren’t trying to be celebrities, popping out silly studies with no meaning just to get press. Instead, they delivered solid and innovative work transforming the email space from a “batch and blast” to the relevance world we’ve come to expect from email today.

The details of the buy are in the e-Dialog press release GSI Commerce to Acquire e-Dialog with much more detail in this pdf.

Again, my congrats. It’s been an amazing ride for those guys, and though I left e-D only a few short years ago, I still talk to lots of that team, and I’m ecstatic and overjoyed for them with this fantastic event.

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  1. wow, that’s a lot of money.

    Jogos Grátis    Jan 28, 06:41 PM    #

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