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The Net Takeaway: MSFT makes offer for YHOO


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MSFT makes offer for YHOO · 02/01/2008 08:13 PM, Trivial

So… the rumours are true. What to say?

I have no inside information, nor do I hang out with the board or the senior execs. This is just my little ol’ opinion.

Going back to Cali. Cali. Cali. Courtesy LL Cool J, Yahoo Lyrics.
I used to work MSN, doing similar work to what I do now. I had an office (that was nice) and worked with a great crew there. It would be weird going back (though I really wouldn’t be going back; I would stay in NY).

MS and Y! have very different ways of doing things. The obvious stuff, like MS reliance on MS software vs. Y! reliance on open source is one major piece. Y! likes to believe that they are a part of the Internet culture, while MS likes to believe they own the software powering the Internet. I actually didn’t mind some of the ways MS approached the world: they had a very Googlish overconfidence that served them well for a while. But I can see how hard the integration with Y! culture would be: some very smart people would leave no matter how much money MS threw at them. And don’t take this as a hint as to what I might do. Or is it?

It’s never enough, never enough Courtesy The Cure, Yahoo Lyrics
It’s actually a crummy offer. 6 months ago, this would have been laughed off. But unfortunately, given where the stock is now (18 adn change the day before the offer), suddenly, this is a “great deal”. Too bad. Y! is really worth more. If you could see what I see, from the people to the technology, from the willingness to keep fighting when everyone says you are a has-been to the recognition that Y! is the first internet company many people ever trusted and that they actually love your organization… It’s all pretty impressive. Sure, Y! has its flaws, and sure, we have had some dirty laundry spread across the pavement… but there’s still a lot to like.

High School never ends Courtesy Bowling for Soup, Yahoo Lyrics. This is just the start. Everyone from Google, eBay, AT&T, Comcast, Time warner, NBC, etc. all the way down to conglomerates in Abu Dhabi or VC/Hedge firms could all make an offer. This was an unsolicited bid, so others can make them too. And this will be a long process… even if Jerry and the board said “Yes” today, MS said it would be 2nd half before the deal closed. As this stuff keeps getting dragged out, so will the eventual end.

This process could actually get very painful, akin to slowly pulling off a band-aid. I don’t think Yang wants to sell. I do think the board does. I wonder if the senior leaders are soliciting other offers, to either bid out MS, or to at least get the dollars up. It could drag on for a while, and there will be hurt feelings in the end.

I’m alright, Nobody worry ‘bout me Courtesy Kenny Loggins, some crummy lyrics site
I’m not worried. I don’t think I’ll be affected by this round of layoffs, the stock got an un-asked for boost which won’t last long, and I think MS will want to have me back. After all, they are spending 44.6 billion dollars just to re-hire me.

I’ll update as more stuff happens… just another exciting day on the Internet.

* * *


  1. Hi Michael!
    Wow…drama. What will you do? How/will your role change? How do you like it there, btw?

    amy jones    Feb 4, 10:40 AM    #

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