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The Net Takeaway: Yawn. Superbowl 2008 Ads.


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Yawn. Superbowl 2008 Ads. · 02/04/2008 12:05 PM, Marketing

Another boring football game. And this time, the ads were terrible.

See them all at Yahoo Video or AOL Sports.

Some observations on just how bad they were:

Sobe: lizards dance better than Naomi Campbell. That’s scary.

The car ads all sucked except for Bridgestone night driving ad (BTW, the daytime one joined the sucky crowd with the ripped off “screaming squirrel”). Why? Story. Audi tried, but mafia/godfather jokes are just old. The Sopranos are over. Just showing the car with a voice-over is a waste of millions of dollars, Cadillac. Toyota’s badgers was a commercial by committee, but at least they tried something.

Careerbuilder: Strange. Um. Not much to say. Better than Monster’s monkeys from last year, but not just unsettling enough to be buzzkills. Congrats, Careerbuilder: you managed to spoil parties around the country.

Beer ads: I expected better. Wow. A “Rocky” rip off with Clydesdales. A caveman set of jokes so old that I remember making the same ones in 3rd grade. Funny, when Fedex did the caveman jokes, they found new ones. Geico… well, let’s just leave it at that. Why did Bud (or Bud Light or whatever) just go to town with the dumb one?

Coke Balloon. So dumb. The balloons never changed emotion. That could have been a really clever ad, but it was just shot all wrong.

Doritos user ad: Mouse trap. Weak. Last year’s was OK, with the American Pie-like guy having an American Pie like experience. But this one? Go back to the professionals.

Tide: Welcome to the game. Weak ad, but not bad for a first try. After all, its only been 40 years or so of mass market audiences that you’ve missed out on..

What can you say about an ad that keeps you watching, but when you get to the end, you feel that you were totally ripped off? Is that a good ad? No, Pepsi with Justin Timberlake, it isn’t.

And Pepsi, why didn’t you run the deaf ad that got you so much press? Sure, its not a great joke, but at least it shows how a punch line works:

Garmin Napolean: Plastic Bertrand soundtrack aside, terrible ad. And I love your products. Now is your time to shine: GPS is hot, and your products are all becoming indistinguishable. This is the best you can do?

Fedex Carrier Pigeons could have been better… but compared to the rest, it was great. No cavemen, but still.

GoDaddy’s “call to action”: Terrible ad, and when you get to the site, the “pulled” ad is even worse. But at least, more than any other ad, the guts to pull a clear and obvious call to action: go to our site. Simple and trackable.

Funny enough, the best ads were the movies and tie ins (Will Ferrell and Bud Light). No others made me laugh.

So, yawn. Millions of dollars down the drain. Is this really the best the collected minds of marketing’s most expensive creative has to offer?

* * *


  1. Come on, the Coke balloon ad was very cute, especially when the oft-maligned Charlie Brown got the Coke bottle.

    Don’t be so heartless, Lucy!!

    Bill Schmarzo    Feb 4, 03:15 PM    #

  2. Hee hee. I just thought that the balloons didn’t look like they were fighting, and suddenly, Charlie Brown comes out of nowhere? The angles were just all wrong here. But hey, compared to the other ads, at least this one stuck out enough that I wanted to mention it…

    Michael Wexler    Feb 4, 04:09 PM    #

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