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The Net Takeaway: MS Experimentation team makes another winner


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MS Experimentation team makes another winner · 03/09/2008 11:32 PM, Analysis

The Microsoft team creating their own online experimentation platform continue to impress me with their willingness to share both their learning and their expertise.

It’s one thing to pump out “best practices” which are watered down samples of simple a/b findings. These guys not only talk about the complexities of multivariate testing, but give concrete examples and the statistics behind them. Offermatica, Optimost, even Memetrics had good stats behind their systems, but they rarely talked about the meaty stuff. The MS team has really been a great resource to help those past the simple A/B.

You don’t need to be a super stats-head to get the basic issues here, but if you don’t even take the time to understand the basics, you will waste lots of time and money. Well worth the read.

As seen in the ever fabulous Web Analytics Discussion Group hosted on Yahoo Groups, but moderated by the Web Analytics Association, and originally founded by and still moderated by the inimitable Eric Peterson.

BTW, if you aren’t a member of this group and you enjoy my blog, you most definitely need to subscribe to this group.

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