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The Net Takeaway: Turducken, anyone?


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Turducken, anyone? · 04/18/2004 01:11 AM, Personal

Food is an important part of life in New Orleans. As one friend of the family said at dinner tonight, “New Orleans is the only place where people will sit around after a fulfilling and satisfying meal… and talk about food for 2 more hours”.

One of the foods that we talked about was turducken. Now, there are lots and lots of crazy foods down here. We eat alligator, turtles (not so much anymore), and even nutria. But turducken was a new one, and even now I snigger as I write this.

As it turns out, turducken is a food popular with the Cajuns for many years, but now becoming a hot item around the country. Basically, its a mix of turkey + duck + chicken, hence turducken. You spread out the turkey, skin down, stuff some andouille dressing into the legs/thighs/wings, then put the duck (skin down) on top of all that. Cover the duck with cornbread dressing, and then put the chicken on top of all that. Cover the chicken with oyster dressing. Then, you fold closed the turkey (and all that poultry inside) and sew it closed. Bake for 12 hours or so.

The Cajun Stuff Store shows it as its current bestseller, and gives some more info about ordering it here. And if you don’t want to mail order it (total cost of about $115-130 including dry ice shipping), you can learn more about how to make it yourself at the GumboPages.

Bon appetit, et laissez le bon temps rouler…

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