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The Net Takeaway: Yamipod, Floola same program?


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Yamipod, Floola same program? · 05/20/2008 11:52 PM, Tech Personal

I don’t like iTunes… but I’m forced to use it. Over the years, however, folks have figured out ways to reverse engineer the database structures Apple uses on the iPod and provide some useful features that iTunes lacks, the most important being the ability to take songs off of the iPod.

There were always a few leaders in the windows world:

vPod (kind of bare bones, but an early entry)
EphPod (first one I used, but not updated in a while)
and more recently, Sharepod

(BTW, if you want a different metaphor, Anapod Explorer (commercial with a trial) was a cool idea of integrating iPod with the windows explorer instead of requiring a separate app. It never delivered enough integration for me to keep using it, but clever idea.)

These also have the advantage of running off of your iPod in disk mode, so you have the ability to mount the iPod to any PC via USB, run these programs, and either play tunes, add tunes, or copy them off to your new location.

The strange thing was that Yamipod and Floola always had releases near each other, looked like each other, and had the same bugs and error messages. Yet the sites were slightly different, and the forums for each never mentioned the other.



I wondered: was one guy ripping off the other? I mean, ripping off the source code in such a way that the error messages in both have the same mispellings and typoes? Reverse engineering one into the other? But people kill for less online, and neither guy was complaining about the other in forums or blogs.

So I did some digging. Turns out both sites are linked to the same guy, Tomas Camin (P.IVA: 06020870967). Both programs were written in RealBasic. And Floola appears to have become the winner, though Yamipod was much more popular. Yamipod hasn’t been updated in a while, but Floola is keeping up with iTunes releases. So, basically, yes, they are the same program… or were, until Tomas started giving all the love to Floola.

On my iPod, I have Floola and Sharepod, and have removed the rest. Neither are perfect, so don’t trust your only copy of a song to them. But for quick and dirty syncing, or sharing files (completely legal ones only, of course) with friends, these programs are lifesavers.

For more fun, read Lifehacker on iTunes software replacements and 10 alternatives to iTunes

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