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The Net Takeaway: Don't Miss X Change -- almost sold out....


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Don't Miss X Change -- almost sold out.... · 08/07/2008 06:22 PM, Analysis

I have been given the honor of leading 2 huddles at Semphonic’s X Change conference. And a birdie told me that there are less than 10 slots left for attendees: either sign up ASAP, or miss your chance.

Every leading thinker and doer in the web analytics space will be there. This show isn’t like a usual “talking head” show; instead, it’s huddles: a nominal leader starts things off with the bigger issues, but it quickly becomes a discussion and knowledge share.

Emetrics is a great show, no question… but this show is more about the practice of web analytics; vendors are not allowed to attend. [CORRECTION: Based on Eric Peterson’s comment below, some thought leaders and senior staff of some vendors are there by invitation, but no salesmen and no pitches. BTW, Eric Peterson himself is one of the guys running the whole thing, so you know it will be good!]

You will wish you had attended this show, so give it a click, look at the people and the huddle topics… and sign up now. At the Ritz (ooohhh) in San Fran, August 17-19, 2008.

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  1. Michael, close. Vendors are allowed to attend ** by invitation only ** so the folks that will be there from Omniture, WebTrends, Coremetrics, etc. are all thought-leaders in the field —- no sales people! Not that I have anything against sales people … ;-)

    I’m excited that you’re excited! Quite exciting!


    Eric Peterson    Aug 7, 07:04 PM    #

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