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The Net Takeaway: Start to Understand Search and Display Ad Interactions...


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Start to Understand Search and Display Ad Interactions... · 11/05/2008 12:33 PM, Marketing Analysis

Great post by the smart Matt Lillig from the Yahoo! Analytics Team on the Yahoo Search Marketing Blog… It’s short, but packed full of ideas. Well worth reading.

Measuring Search and Display for Success.

If you’d like more detail, Matt has a post on his own blog with some implementation tips at Tracking Display Ads Is Easy With Yahoo’s Full Analytics

I’ve worked on more advanced versions of what Matt describes, and it’s amazing how these 2 approaches influence each other. Handling search with an eye on what targeting and creative you’re running in display can substantially increase your ROI, and recognizing from search term specificity where a person is in their buying cycle and having display ads reflect that can really shrink time-to-buy and impact. This is just one example; getting these two groups (media buyers and the “direct search” teams) in organizations and agencies to talk to each other and coordinate can be tough, but once you get over that hurdle, it will change how you use both approaches.

Bonus: check the comments in the YSMBlog for additional thoughts from Mitch Spolan, who acts like a salesguy but roars with the heart of an analyst. Remember, not every thinker is in the analyst or research group; folks across your company can help you think about how to interpret your data and recommend effective approaches…

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  1. Thanks Michael! I agree 100% with your comments about getting the different channel groups together. I experienced this first hand while running web analytics for Sony. The display team did their own thing and the search team did their own thing. There was no collaboration across the two teams to see if one channel was benefiting the other. With all of the studies that have been done on the value of search + display, we now know how crucial it is for organizations and agencies to coordinate measurement efforts.

    Matt Lillig    Nov 6, 06:14 PM    #

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