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The Net Takeaway: Thoughts while raking leaves


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Thoughts while raking leaves · 11/29/2008 08:34 PM, Analysis Trivial

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  1. Thanks for your nice article. I fully agree that open source data mining and predictive analytics has matured and can be recommended for application in the industry. Here is a little extension/comment to your article:

    You say “these all tend to be memory bound, and under 32 bit Windows”, but that is not completely the case. RapidMiner is available as a 64bit Version, not only for Windows but any major operating system like Linux, Mac OS, IBM AIX, Sun Solaris, HP UX, Unix, etc.

    Furthermore, RapidMiner is not bound to main memory. While you can do fast in-memory analysis, you can also perform data mining on the database and leave the data in the database. And RapidMiner supports any major database: Oracle, IBM DB2, Microsoft SQL Server, Teradata, Ingres, MySQL, PostgreSQL, any JDBC/ODBC database, etc.

    So, you have the choice: 32bit or 64bit, in-memory or on-database, Windows or your prefered operating systems. Having the freedom of choice and more vendor-independence are two of the big pluses of open source software. You choose.

    More information on RapidMiner is available at

    Rapid-I, the company behind the open source data mining software RapidMiner, also offers training courses and consulting to get you started with your data mining projects, professional technical support with guaranteed response times, and any other RapidMiner or data mining related service. That is another thing about open source. It is not about license fees – open source software can be downloaded for free -, it is about service. You pay only as much as you want and you pay it for good service, customizations, etc. to make the software work best for you.

    No need for continued and possibly increasing license fees. Instead highly motivated service-oriented and very supportive companies. That is open source. Because otherwise you would not buy their service and not pay a dime. It is a simple logic, but it works quite well for both sides.

    Frank Xavier    Jan 24, 04:23 AM    #

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