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Moving from team member to trusted advisor... · 12/10/2008 01:13 PM, Analysis

Kevin Hillstrom has a great letter about how Web Analysts need to go beyond the limits of their tools to actually answer business questions.

An Open Letter To The Web Analytics Community

While I agree with everything that he says, I also don’t want to let the web analytics tool suppliers off the hook so easily. I expand beyond his points in my (long but worth it) post, What Web Analytics is Missing.

I delve into similar issues as to what Kevin mentions… but I also point out that we are hindering the analysts by not providing the right tools. Both sides, the analysts and the tool vendors, need to work together to up the game.

When folks ask me “what’s new in the web analytics world?”, I am sad to say that the answer has been “not much”. This is building pressure: startups will find ways to solve the problems, analysts will get sick of paying fees to companies who can’t integrate enough or the right types of data, or provide analysis of business metrics instead of web behaviors.

Read Kevin’s note (and the comments) and read my post What Web Analytics is Missing. If you are an analyst, here are some great ways to raise your game. And if you are a tool vendor, well, here is your roadmap of product features, nicely laid out for you.

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