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The Net Takeaway: Where is Statistica these days?


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Where is Statistica these days? · 04/21/2004 05:20 PM, Analysis

CSS:Statistica, by Statsoft, was one of the best deals going in stats software. Fantastic graphics, very MS-Windowsy (meaning to took good advantage of the MS Windows platform), scriptable in a vbscript language (like MS Excel, etc.), and included tons of procedures in the package. It was also very reasonably priced, meaning a small company could afford to buy it with all the options and have a very nice analysis environment.

It did have “windowsitis”, meaning it spawned a window for every piece of output or options window, which got crowded very quickly… But it was lots of fun to use, and a great deal.

However, prices went up quickly, it stopped being such a bargain, and now, the site doesn’t even mention price, which is usually a sign that I can’t afford it (“If ya have to ask…”). I didn’t hear it mentioned much in conversation, folks looking for advice didn’t even mention it in their short list, and discussions which at one point were “SPSS vs. Statistica in a cage, which wins?” became “SPSS vs. SAS: which one is David again?”

However, they still live. They are popular in Europe, and they are still making new products (with a somewhat recent emphasis on QC offerings and some data mining stuff).

And now, their site has been redone. Check it out. And don’t worry, the wonderful Statsoft Electronic Texbook is still there!

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