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The Net Takeaway: Yahoo Web Analytics 9.5 launched!


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Yahoo Web Analytics 9.5 launched! · 04/29/2009 07:59 AM, Analysis

I’ve worked on this project for months now, consulting on pieces from feature inclusion to wording on the confidence interval boxes.

And it’s finally here.

I could write a ton on how we put in stuff that will change how people measure their sites forever-more, but Dennis Mortensen did that and I encourage you to see the details at his post. He was one of the original Indextools leaders, and has continued to keep the product moving inside Yahoo!, an amazing feat.

We did a rockin’ good job on this one, if I say so myself.

Still here? Ok, look at this, then go to Dennis’s blog. I’ll wait til you get back to continue.

That’s right. We are providing demo and psychographic (interest) profiles of your user-base using Yahoo!‘s data. Cool stuff.

Hey, one more thing. If you think about what we added, the fact that we put in this amazing profile data and confidence levels, as confusing as they may be, reflects movement on putting in What Web Analytics is Missing. Specifically, More Who, Less Do and Too much Web, not enough Analysis... we are helping you understand your audience, and using statistics (kind of basic ones here) to start helping you understand what data to use and what it means.

Yes, it’s still closed to the general public… BUT if you currently advertise with Yahoo! via managed Search Marketing (meaning a relatively large account) or run your store through Y! Stores, you may be able to get access. Check with your account manager. If you don’t yet use Yahoo Search Marketing, well, why not? Look at the tools you can get access to!

PS: Yes, we did get rid of lots of the “pseudo-3d” junk and the use of grey in drop down options boxes. It’s minor but it just makes the tool look so much cleaner… long time users will see the difference

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