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The Net Takeaway: Fedex Logo


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Fedex Logo · 11/17/2004 07:32 PM, Marketing

(Updated: Great interview with the creator of this logo, Mr. Lindon Leader. Read it at The Sneeze)

The Fedex Logo is always sort of interesting because of the hidden arrow between the e and x.

According to this, it was intentional. The logo/brand work was created by Landor Associates, with their press spin here. This was all in 1994, but I can’t remember any Fedex branding prior to ‘94, so I think this was successful. (Of course, I was also in grad school, and so I never needed to send anything overnight; academia doesn’t really work that way.)

I mention this b/c Ned points out that Fedex rebranded Kinkos. I don’t love the new look, but I think the purchase was a good business idea for them.

BTW, Famous designer Paul Rand (IBM logo, UPS Shield, ABC logo, etc., etc.) reviews the logo here (and more on the next page as well).

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  1. That’s funny; I never noticed that arrow before! Wonder if that’s the kind of subliminal advertising that’s illegal in Canada? ;)
    Kimberly    Apr 30, 11:34 AM    #

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