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The Net Takeaway: Savarese on Groovy


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Savarese on Groovy · 04/30/2004 02:05 PM, Tech

If you do any Java, you quickly run across Daniel Savarese. This fellow made one of the first regex engines for Java, and continually pumps out interesting and useful info.

He writes here in JavaPro about the Groovy scripting language. (It was nice that he gave my personal fave Judoscript a mention.)

One of the reasons I enjoy Daniel’s work is that he is a straight shooter. So many articles about Groovy are just glowing; Daniel points out that the learning curve is a bit tougher than you might think when learning Groovy. Some of its strengths (loose typing, “convenience” features), as he says, “offer many pitfalls.” Now, this is true for practically any scripting language, though I’ve found that Judoscript seems to be more logical to me in what it offers compared to the others.

One thing he points out is the potential value of the “SwingBuilder” construct for making Swing easier, and I can defn use anything which simplifies the monster known as Swing.

He ends on a positive note that Groovy is a language growing and changing, and I’m sure I’ll love it when I finally understand it… and p/jython… and LISP.

BTW, found this on the “Groovy News” Tiki site, Like most Tikis, chock full of potential and slow as molasses. I still love Tiki, but until it gets performance up and bugs out, its hard to use it for much of anything which might scale.

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