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Groovy: Agile my a... · 03/24/2004 10:59 PM, Tech

I don’t get it. Groovy seems like such a nothing language. It focuses on the most esoteric of features to try to make life better. It’s syntax is supposedly “java-like” yet they emphasize closures, which are part of python and ruby, and not really very java-like at all.

Look, I know that “agility” is part of the “extreme programming” fad, but let’s be more pragmatic. An agile language should meet two basic needs of agility:

  1. Let me code quickly to solve a problem with minimal typing and “cleverness”
  2. Let the language do the work, not me

Judoscript meets these needs admirably. Obviously so does Perl, and to some extent, Python (though I can’t seem to wrap my head around that one either).

  1. The syntax is ecma/javascript based. If you can code in Java, you can code here. the “syntactical sugar” is around eliminating silly busy work, like setting up iterators or collections
  2. Even better, the language has lots of useful features built in to solve real problems, not esoteric language issues. For example, a TableData structure focuses on a table of data, and a little reporting command gives easy ways to play with it. Sure, we could dupe this with arrays, etc., but why should I? I let the langauge handle it for me!

So, I don’t get it. Now that Groovy is up for official lanaguage of the 2004 Javalympics, its even more likely that people will think that Groovy is the right direction for Java Scripting.

They couldn’t be farther from the truth. Judoscript is where we need to be heading: Languages which give the power of Java in an easy to eat package…

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