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The Net Takeaway: Flying... on a jet plane...


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Flying... on a jet plane... · 05/06/2004 05:14 PM, Personal

For the first time, I flew in a “personal” or “private” jet. We needed to visit a client in Warrandale, PA for an early morning meeting. After adding up the hotel rooms for the night before and the rapacious USAir pricing into and out of Pittsburgh, it was clear that we had to find another solution.

Enter “Boston Air Charter”. We flew on a Citation S/II with room for 7 people. The plane was based at Norwood Airport, a civil airport south of Boston, and an easy drive on the 128/95 highway around Boston. The pilots were very professional, and had colas, coffee, and donuts for the early morning flight, and boxed lunches for the flight back. They also had stocked the plane with the day’s papers and that week’s newsmagazines.

We literally parked right on the runway, walked to the plane, and flew. No painful parking at Logan airport, no tolls, no security lines, no angry people treating us like cattle.

Upon takeoff, we flew low (6000 feet) over the suburbs south of Boston and saw some unbelievable mansions hidden away down there. We then gradually headed to 32000 feet with dips up and down as required by the flight plan. Though the plane was smaller than a commercial jets, and turns felt very “tilty”, on the whole, it was no more uncomfortable than a big liner.

There is a small bathroom… well, a seat with a lid and a partition curtain; you wouldn’t want to have an “emergency” there. And yes, it is difficult to stand up, and if you have long legs, the plane it a bit small… but overall, not much more annoying than a full 727 which is the norm these days for short flights.

This chartered plane was really a nice way to travel. Obviously, we can’t afford it all the time… but with the pains of modern commercial air traffic, these smaller carriers can really change the way to get from place to place. I’m keeping my eye on companies like LinearAir as the wave of the future.

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