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The Net Takeaway: Analysis in PHP


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Analysis in PHP · 05/12/2004 04:01 PM, Analysis

There are many times when we want to use our modeling tactics or analysis techniques outside of the tool environment. There are also new techniques which are not well represented in the mainstream commercial analytic systems of SPSS and SAS.

So, I’m very excited to point to some fantastic work which shows how to code up a variety of modern analytic techniques in PHP. Yes, PHP of LAMP fame.

The main code is at, where Paul Meagher (CEO and founder of Datavore) has written post after post on how to code analytic functions, including vector and matrix math, cosine similarity between two vectors, web mining functions (markov approach), etc. He has packaged many of these into a PEAR module, which is like the CPAN modules of PERL, an easy way to add functionality to a PHP installation.

But that’s not all! The prolific fellow has written a slew of articles and tutorial on the IBM developerWorks site, including:

Each of these has an excessively well documented Resources section, including both online sources and offline books and articles.

These were all a joy to read, both for bringing these techniques out into a new domain which doesn’t require the installation of new software (no R libraries, no runtime modules, etc.) and for the cogent explanations of the theory to an audience which rarely gets treated to this level of respect regarding why and how we analyze data.

And yes, even if you think you know a lot about this stuff, Mr. Meagher probably found a link you hadn’t seen yet. All highly recommmended.

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