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The Net Takeaway: Best Map Ever...


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Best Map Ever... · 05/20/2004 11:17 AM, Trivial

Let’s face, driving in Boston sucks. We all know it, but we keep doing it anyway. I’ve found driving in Manhattan to be easier. Even walking in Boston is frightening, come to think of it.

But I’ve also found something which has made all of it much more palatable. Beyond the big yellow “book o’ maps”, beyond Mapquest and Mappoint (or even Maporama or Map24, both of which show much more detail and useful info than the US based map companies), when you are down in the city and need a map, I’ve found the one to have.

Berndtson & Berndtson have been making maps for years for Europe, and also reselling them under various names in the US. Well, their map of Boston is amazing, and costs only $7 or so. Look for yourself:

I cannot recommend this map enough. I have bought multiple copies over the years, some from Amazon, and the most recent few from Barnes & Noble (not online, only in the stores, I’m afraid). The Boston Globe store used to carry them as well, but the one in Downtown Crossing has closed.

I can’t vouch for how well their other city ones work for you, but look at the great images at their site for each city of interest and see if they help.

There are lots of other interesting maps out there (the Access series by the amazing Richard Saul Wurman comes to mind) but for best utility and clarity for the buck, let Berndtson and Berndtson be your guide.

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