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The Net Takeaway: Java classes for parsing SPSS .sav- and .por-files


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Java classes for parsing SPSS .sav- and .por-files · 12/06/2004 03:20 PM, Analysis

(Update: Looks like the java stuff below may be off and on, so keep trying… In addition, there are some commercial options, one of which I list below.)

GPL software for accessing SPSS data files… Very helpful.

Description from Freshmeat:

SoftwareHouse SPSS Utils is a collection of Java classes for extracting data and metadata from SPSS data files. It can parse both system (.sav) and portable (.por) files, and features missing value masking and value label substitution. It can also be used as a stand-alone tool to generate an XML-ish representation of a data file, and should compile to native with gcj quite painlessly.

Also, look at which costs from US$100 and up.

SPSS Format Writer by Cluetec

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