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The Net Takeaway: Google Desktop Search released


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Google Desktop Search released · 10/14/2004 02:23 PM, Tech Search

I haven't tried it yet... but some others have.

O'Reilly has a good write up. Also, the incredible Danny Sullivan has a good review here.

The Google Desktop Search indexes the following:

No PDF at this time, nor any mention of an API to add new file types. No searching of compresed files, though that's not so bad. Other good "FAQ" type questions at the Desktop Search Support section on Google.

What's stopping me from jumping into yet another search tool? It has too much emphasis on indexing web behavior. Also, it only tracks web behavior for IE (currently); where's firefox/mozilla/netscape support? Its Windows only (not that I care, but others will). Finally, its GUI is really just a web page, kind of weak compared to X1 or other real GUI tools.

In effect, it seems to act like a proxy, intercepting searches you execute and adding local findings to your results, as well as storing and indexing pages you visit.

Its a good start, beating Yahoo, MSN and AOL's attempt to get search tools out... but as I've said here previously, there's a lot a tool needs to do now to be be competitive, and this is an adequate but not a complete winner of an offering.

More when I play with it...

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